DEME’S award winning retractable ladder design

DEME is very proud that its retractable ladder, specifically designed for hydraulic track excavators, won the prestigious IADC Safety Award 2022, and especially because the design of this invaluable piece of safety equipment is now being shared with other IADC members.

Finding innovative solutions to improve safety

When individual employees, teams and companies view everyday processes and situations through a continuous lens of safety, they can each contribute to making all aspects of operational processes, whether on water or land, safer. For the 2021 Safety Awards, IADC's Safety Committee received 15 submissions. Each one is assessed on five different categories; sustainability; level of impact on the industry; simplicity in use; effectiveness; and level of innovation.

Should the dredging industry establish common standards for crew transfers?

Crews routinely perform vessel to vessel transfers, ensuring a project continues seamlessly. But the operation is not risk free. A roundtable of IADC members shared ideas on how to improve procedures to make crew transfers safer.


IADC depends in many instances on the input of its members. To that end, several committees have been established. These include the following committees:

IADC Safety Committee

Safety is a top priority for all IADC member companies. To safeguard employees and involved parties, IADC has established a safety committee that enables its members to share best practices amongst its members.

New IADC Safety Committee & Charter
New IADC Safety Committee & Charter

Safety awareness in the dredging industry has taken a leap forward. The efforts of the IADC are part of the new safety strategy to reduce accidents and incidents to zero.