Can Workability be Enhanced by Operational Wave Modelling?

IADC’s Young Author Award winner François De Keuleneer and co-authors Joris de Vroom and Arjan Mol discuss the Workability Tool which ensures captains of specialised vessels can make informed decisions to dredge during favourable wave conditions.

Hurricanes /Typhoons
Storms: Hurricanes /Typhoons

A hurricane or typhoon is a severe weather event with wind and rain that can cause extensive damage and flooding both inland and on the coastlines.

The Øresund Fixed Link: Dredging and Reclamation
The Øresund Fixed Link: Dredging and Reclamation

To build the 16 km long bridge-tunnel link from Denmark to Sweden requires the dredging of extremely hard layers of limestone, often in extreme weather conditions, with strictly controlled spillage limitations.