Nature-based solutions: challenge or opportunity?

Can nature-based solutions be mainstream solutions? Nature-based solutions have obvious advantages but have not been embraced at wider scale. The barriers which can hinder wide-scale application and the topic’s relevance to the dredging community are discussed.

Presentation Serge de Gheldere: ‘Future and Innovation’

Serge de Gheldere is Founder and CEO of Futureproofed and a well-known and inspirational speaker about the exciting prospects of a fossil-free, circular economy. In his presentation, “Future and Innovation” he educated the participants about climate change aspects and developments.

Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure
Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure

The book Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure gives state-of-the-art guidance on how to design, implement and manage a water infrastructure project with a dredging component to project owners, regulators, consultants, designers and contractors.

Serge De Gheldere
Presentation Serge de Gheldere: ‘Climate change to guide the industry towards thinking in terms of sustainability.’

On 6 June 2018, sixty young professionals from IADC’s member companies came together at Hilvaria Studio’s for the association’s second annual networking event, Peering into Dredging’s Future.

Climate change: business challenges and opportunities of dredging
‘Climate change: business challenges and opportunities of dredging’ presentation by Serge de Gheldere

Through his presentation “Climate change: business challenges and opportunities of dredging”, Serge addressed innovations which deal with the obstacles of energy transition, climate change effects, population growth, resource depletion, loss of biodiversity, pollution.

Hurricanes /Typhoons
Storms: Hurricanes /Typhoons

A hurricane or typhoon is a severe weather event with wind and rain that can cause extensive damage and flooding both inland and on the coastlines.

Dredging for Sustainable Deltas

“Facts About Dredging for Sustainable Deltas” describes the importance of deltas as population hubs for trade and their added vulnerability as sea levels rise.

Climate Change

Climate change threats including storms, rising sea levels and flooding have stimulated the dredging industry to find new sustainable solutions.