Breaking the deadlock!

How can private capital accelerate the green transition in marine and freshwater infrastructure? This is the overarching question that will be explored at the IADC conference Financing Sustainable Marine and Freshwater Infrastructure on 9 February 2023 in Dubai.


The conference is based on a recently published study exploring the financing of green coastal, river and port projects. Sustainable waterborne infrastructure solutions are available, have been tested and are economically viable and private capital could help to accelerate the uptake of such solutions. The report can be downloaded for free here.


Increasingly around the globe, government sustainability policies often require translation in order to be put into practice. For marine and freshwater infrastructure projects this means:

  • conceiving projects that contribute to the UN’s 17 Strategic Sustainability Goals (SDGs);
  • ensuring funding from sustainable sources for these projects; and
  • putting the projects out to public tender in such a way that they comprehensively contribute to the SDGs.

In many ways, the above criteria implies that projects need to be thought out and implemented with a different set of parameters in mind. The parameters should come from methodologies that take into consideration a broader set of value creators compared to the past, for example, creating value in various ways over the lifetime of a project.

All stakeholders recognise the importance of sustainable projects. Investors have greenlabelled funds, governments have a green taxonomy in place and contractors are continually developing nature-based solutions. Everyone it would appear is committed to sustainability, however parties face insurmountable difficulties in bringing it all together in executing projects. How then can parties break the deadlock in the funding of sustainable projects? 

Why attend

If you want to learn more about sustainable concepts and associated financial structures this is the conference for you. Meet like-minded people from the marine and freshwater infrastructure sector and financial institutions. Gain a better understanding of how green coastal, river and port projects can be (or are) financed. Broaden your network, uncover new learnings and play a role in developing ideas to bring this topic to mainstream infrastructure asset classes.

For whom

The conference is for professionals from:

  • Clients / Port Authorities
  • Insurance companies
  • Consultants
  • NGOs
  • Dredging Companies
  • Public sector entities
  • Financial Institutions/Investors
  • Regulators

Networking is key!

Participants are invited to attend our special pre-conference 'meet and greet' event on Wednesday 8 February 2023. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to network with fellow professionals.

About the programme

While the programme is still being developed, we are pleased to confirm that Swiss Re will be one of the quest speakers. In the upcoming weeks, we will announce more names of presenters and keynote speaker(s) from the marine and freshwater infrastructure industry, the financial sector and government organisations.


So stay tuned for more information on the programme content, logistics as well as how to register. You can also visit our special website. And be sure to mark your calendar for this important conference!


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