Modelling the waterjet cable trenching process on sand dunes

Cables for offshore wind farms in the North Sea are buried for protection. A highly variable seabed topography influences the trenching process in sandy soils. A model has been developed to estimate the influence of sand dunes on the trenching process.

Ecosystem Services
Ecosystem services: Towards integrated marine infrastructure project optimisation

The report provides the general concept of ecosystem services and the overall considerations on its use in the context of dredging projects.

Webinar: Ecosystem Services
Ecosystem Services (on demand)

How to utilise the ecosystem services concept for more integrated marine infrastructure project assessments?

Subsea Rock Installation

“Facts About Subsea Rock Installation” describes techniques being used for rock placement to protect marine infrastructure, especially for offshore energy.

Calculations on Forces and Velocities of a Submarine Narrow Trench Plough in Sandy Soil

Demand for submarine cables for exporting the energy from wind farms to shore is increasing. To prevent damage to the cables when exposed on the sea bed, adequate protection is critical, but current calculation methods are usually empirically extrapolated. To better predict towing forces, a new calculation method is given.