Submissions for the IADC Safety Award 2023 now open!

Safety awards for dredging companies AND supply chain organisations.

DEME’S award winning retractable ladder design

DEME is very proud that its retractable ladder, specifically designed for hydraulic track excavators, won the prestigious IADC Safety Award 2022, and especially because the design of this invaluable piece of safety equipment is now being shared with other IADC members.

Submissions for IADC’s Safety Awards 2022

When individual employees, teams and companies view everyday processes and situations through a continuous lens of safety, they can each contribute to making all aspects of operational processes, whether on water or land, safer. For the 2022 Safety Awards, IADC’s Safety Committee received 11 submissions. Each one is assessed on five different categories; sustainability; level of impact on the industry; simplicity in use; effectiveness; and level of innovation.

DEME’s Retractable Ladder Winner of the IADC Safety Award 2022

DEME's Retractable Ladder Winner of the IADC Safety Award 2022

IADC Safety Award

The IADC Safety Award is intended to encourage the development of safety skills on the job and to reward people and companies demonstrating diligence in safety awareness in the performance of their profession.

IADC reveals the eleven nominations in the running for the IADC Safety Award 2022

IADC is proud to announce eleven nominations in the running to receive the 2022 Safety Award.

Building a proactive safety culture within a marine contractor organisation

It is hard to imagine a time when safety was not deemed important, when Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) was not used and little was done in the way of prevention. A few decades ago, occupational health and safety was not considered as important for the vast majority of companies. Instead, incidents and emergencies were handled as they occurred, as effectively as possible given the limited technology and resources available. Today, those times have changed. This article explores the progress of health and safety in the dredging industry and QHSSE professionals, Ton van de Minkelis and Christophe Leroy share their experiences in building a proactive safety culture.

Nominations now open for the 2022 IADC Safety Awards

Safety Awards for Dredging Companies AND Supply Chain organisations.