Regulation and management of marine aggregate dredging in England

Marine dredged sand and gravel make an important contribution to regional supplies of building materials used in England. Marine aggregate dredging however, is known to result in effects to the receiving environment which, if not properly controlled, could cause adverse impacts to a wide range of receptors. As the marine area around England gets busier, competition for space comes with regulatory challenges and an integrated marine management approach that uses a robust planning system is required. This article discusses the regulation of aggregate dredging in England and provides an overview of the sector’s importance in providing primary aggregate.

Dredging and Related Organisations
Dredging and Related Organisations

In addition to specific organisations representing the dredging industry, many maritime organisations concern themselves with dredging related issues.

Regulatory Bodies, Agencies, Commissions and Organisations

Numerous international, national and local agencies, commissions and organisations are in place to regulate maritime and dredging activities.