Dredging in Figures 2018

Dredging in Figures is an annual review of the global dredging market.

Annual Report 2018

In this “Annual Report” the Board gives an overview of the state of affairs of IADC and its activities in 2018.

IADC Fleet List 2022

As a service to the dredging community, IADC releases an updated version of the IADC Fleet List each year. Data regarding the plants of IADC members is gathered annually by the Registered Plant Committee and then formulated into a list.

Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure
Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure

The book Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure gives state-of-the-art guidance on how to design, implement and manage a water infrastructure project with a dredging component to project owners, regulators, consultants, designers and contractors.

IADC Annual Report 2017

In this “Annual Report” the Board gives an overview of the state of affairs of the International Association of Dredging Companies (IADC) and its activities in 2017. The report highlights various projects that the Association has undertaken for the year.

Facts About FIDIC Blue Book (Second Edition)
FIDIC Blue Book (Second Edition)

“Facts About: FIDIC Blue Book (Second Edition)” describes a standard form of contract for projects involving dredging and reclamation work which also offers guidance for the contracting process.

Health and Safety Charter IADC

In November 2013, a group of QHSE experts from the member companies were nominated and the IADC Safety Committee was established. One of the items that the committee has been charged with is the development of a “Charter of Best Practices”.

A Guide to Cost Standards for Dredging Equipment 2009

A joint venture between IADC and CIRIA, the publication A guide to cost standards for dredging equipment 2009 offers a benchmark to establish the capital and related costs of various types of dredging plant and equipment commonly in use within the industry.