Dredging Around Coral Reefs

“Facts About Dredging Around Coral Reefs” describes the strategies and care needed to preserve and protect coral reefs during dredging activities.

Long Term Management of Confined Disposal Facilities for Dredged Material

During the latter part of the 20th century it became clear that another approach should be found for handling contaminated dredged material. Up to then it was common practise to dispose dredged material at sea or use it to raise the land or as fertilizer on land.

Management of Aquatic Disposal of Dredged Material

Good practice regarding the management of aquatic disposal of dredged material based on the Dredged Material Assessment Framework of the London Convention.

Environmental Risk Assessment of Dredging and Disposal Operations

Various risk-based methods are used to assess environmental impacts from dredging and dredged material management activities.

Environmental Guidelines for Aquatic, nearshore and upland Confined Disposal Facilities for Contaminated Dredged Material

Information and recommendations regarding Confined Disposal Facilities, including the management of contaminated dredged materials.

Dredged Material Management Guide

A concise guide to support and explain the management of dredged material.

Deltas on the move

An exploration on the potential for soft, system-based measures in deltas.

Biological Assessment Guidance for Dredged Material

A decision-making framework shows how to distinguish minimally hazardous sediments from those requiring special treatment.