Environmental Guidelines for Aquatic, nearshore and upland Confined Disposal Facilities for Contaminated Dredged Material
Information and recommendations regarding Confined Disposal Facilities, including the management of contaminated dredged materials.
Dredged Material Management Guide
A concise guide to support and explain the management of dredged material.
Deltas on the move
An exploration on the potential for soft, system-based measures in deltas.
Biological Assessment Guidance for Dredged Material
A decision-making framework shows how to distinguish minimally hazardous sediments from those requiring special treatment.
Key Principles for Port and Harbor Development
During planning, design and operations of port development, these economically and socially sound actions can minimise impacts on the coastal zone.
Environmental Aspects of Dredging
This book is out of print and has been replaced with an updated book. To read more about Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure, click here.