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Terra et Aqua 156
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Interview: Henk Nieboer

After 30 years at Witteveen+Bos, Henk Nieboer has moved on from the engineering and consultancy firm to focus his expertise into his current roles as director of EcoShape and founder of Adaelta.

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14 innovations face off for Safety Award 2019

Each year, IADC gives a safety award to one exceptional innovation which proves it is the best in its class. This year, 14 innovations addressing challenges faced within the dredging industry have been nominated.

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Sustainable management of the beneficial use of sediments: a case studies review
Authors: Luca Sittoni

CEDA’s Working Group on Beneficial Use aims to inspire sediment stakeholders and practitioners by describing the importance of sediments in the context of sustainable development and sharing a curated selection of case studies.

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Terra et Aqua 156
Published October 2019