Careers and jobs in the dredging industry are diverse, challenging and well compensated, attracting a well-educated, multicultural group of people.

The contributions that dredging and marine construction make to global infrastructure and economic well-being require dedicated people ready to tackle challenges on many fronts. Dredgers are professionals with a hands-on attitude, ready to work wherever the need arises.
The diversity and dedication of dredging employees is reflected in the long-term retention rate of personnel. Once young people get involved in the industry, they discover the excitement of participating in an industry that is at the foundation of many of the world’s major maritime infrastructure projects: port development, coastal protection and restoration, land reclamation for airports, industrial areas, energy such as oil and gas and windfarms, and remediation of contaminated waters.
The contributions of the dredging industry to economic and social well-being give those working in the industry a sense of pride in their chosen profession.


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