In addition to specific organisations representing the dredging industry, many maritime organisations concern themselves with dredging related issues.

American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA)

AAPA activities, resources and partnerships connect, inform and unify seaport leaders and maritime professionals in the Western Hemisphere.

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

ASCE is an umbrella organisation for engineers and those in related professions providing courses, conventions and literature for its members.

Central Dredging Association (CEDA)

CEDA, part of the World Organization of Dredging Associations, has a broad membership of contractors and consultants situated in Europe and Africa.

Coasts, Oceans, Ports, and Rivers Institute (COPRI)

COPRI, an institute within the ASCE, aims to involve non-engineering allied professionals in supporting sustainable management of water environments.

Dredging Contractors of America (DCA)

DCA is a trade association which represents its members and the interests of the dredging and marine construction industry in the United States.

Eastern Dredging Association (EADA)

EADA, part of the World Organization of Dredging Associations, has a broad membership of contractors and consultants situated in the Asia-Pacific region.

European Dredging Association (EuDA)

EuDA, a federation of European dredging contractors, interfaces with European Union (EU) institutions as well as international groups such as IMO and ILO.

International Federation of Consulting Engineers – Fédération Internationale des Ingénieurs-Conseils (FIDIC)

FIDIC is an International Federation of Consulting Engineers, worldwide voice for the consulting engineering industry which supports technology-based services for the built and natural environment.

International Association of Dredging Companies (IADC)

IADC is the global umbrella organisation for contractors in the private dredging industry advocating for its over one hundred main and associated members.

International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH)

IAPH is the global alliance of the world port community, representing some 170 ports and 140 port-related organisations in some 90 countries worldwide.

Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE)

ICE supports civil engineers and technicians, awarding professional qualifications and providing training to over 90,000 members in the UK and the world.

International Labour Organization (ILO)

ILO, a United Nations agency, brings together governments, employers and workers representatives to set labour standards, also in the maritime sectors.

International Maritime Organization (IMO)

IMO is a United Nations’ agency responsible for the creation of various regulatory Conventions which apply to a broad range of maritime activities.

Organization of American States – Inter-American Committee on Ports (OAS-CIP)

OAS-CIP, an Inter-American forum of OAS member states, aims to strengthen hemispheric port development in cooperation with the private sector.

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

The OECD collects and compares data to help governments create future policies that improve the economic and social well-being of people worldwide.

PIANC / World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure (PIANC)

PIANC is comprised of national governments, public authorities, corporations and individuals, who provide expert advice on sustainable waterborne transport.

European Sediment Network (SedNet)

SedNet is a network aimed at incorporating sediment issues and knowledge into European strategies to help achieve a good environmental status.

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

UNEP, the leading United Nations environmental agency, proposes global environmental instruments to implement programmes for sustainable development.

United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)

USACE is responsible for investigating, developing and maintaining America’s waterways and provides engineering services internationally as well.

Vereniging van Waterbouwers / Association of Water Builders

This Dutch association of ‘Water Builders’ represents contractors and service providers in the hydraulic engineering sector.

Western Dredging Association (WEDA)

WEDA, part of the World Organization of Dredging Associations, has a broad membership of contractors and consultants situated in the Western Hemisphere.

World Organisation of Dredging Associations (WODA)

WODA comprises CEDA, EADA and WEDA, and through them organises a World Dredging Conference (WODCON) once every three years.

World Trade Organization (WTO)

The WTO is an international organisation dealing with trade regulations between nations, which creates agreements that are ratified by national parliaments.

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