Management of Aquatic Disposal of Dredged Material


1998 | softcover | 44 pp. | PIANC | ISBN: 2-87223-105-6

Good practice regarding the management of aquatic disposal of dredged material based on the Dredged Material Assessment Framework of the London Convention.

Management of dredged material is complex. involving legal. technical. scientific and environmental issues. The report has been modelled on the Dredged Material Assessment Framework (DMAF) of the London Convention which serves as a common and internationally accepted basis for management. The first part describes the characterisation of sediments to be dredged and the disposal sites in physical. chemical and biological terms. This is followed by guidance on assessing the effects of disposal. Guidelines and philosophies which countries and regions use in permitting procedures are briefly discussed. Finally. planning. engineering and operational sections deal practically with dredged material disposal projects. Selected detailed information and examples are given in annexes.

Throughout the report emphasis is put on a holistic approach to the management of dredged material. The objective is to aid the development of optimum solutions under economic as well as ecological constraints.