28 September 2021 – IADC has officially released its ‘Annual Report 2020’. This report has been compiled on behalf of the Board. It outlines the Association’s state of affairs, and highlights the broad spectrum of activities undertaken over the course of the year. IADC’s key projects and events are presented in full.


At the start of 2020 we could not have foreseen that we were about to face one of the most challenging situations in recent years and with such far reaching consequences.


The Young Management Programme held in Dubai in February was the last live event IADC hosted before the pandemic hit. The transition from traditional face-to-face activities to online versions meant that in spite of the COVID -19 constrictions, IADC was able to continue with many of its activities in one way or another. And, in some cases, new digital working methods were actually advantageous as less time was spent on travelling which also fits well with a more sustainable working philosophy.


After the distribution of the printed spring issue of Terra et Aqua proved to be difficult the summer, autumn and winter issues were only available digitally. Due to its interactive nature and the “all-important” site visit it was not possible to translate the 5 day Seminar on Dredging and Reclamation to a digital version. However, a new digital course “Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure” based on the book published in 2018, was introduced and was a great success.


Unfortunately many international conferences were cancelled resulting in no suitable events at which to present the Young Author Award. As member companies were having to cope with complex COVID-19 restrictions, in particular for operational items such as crew changes, it was decided to postpone the safety award. But of course, safety remains a high priority for our members.


With an ever increasing focus on sustainability the newly established Sustainability Committee defined a sustainability framework, giving direction for both present and future activities. A joint cooperation with CEDA, Vital Ports, Swiss Re and B Capital Partners looking at how to secure financing for sustainable marine and freshwater infrastructures began to take shape. An introductory workshop was followed by a number of separate working group sessions and a presentation on the draft report to the IADC AGM in September.



A full description of all IADC’s activities can be found in the 2020 Annual Report.







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