How can dredging be sustainable? This is the overarching question which will be explored at the IADC Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure Conference on Friday 18 October 2019 at the Leela Palace Hotel in New Delhi, India.


With growing environmental awareness and increasing climate pressures on low-lying deltas, modern-day society puts incredibly strong demands on the sustainability of water infrastructure projects. Classic approaches towards the design and implementation of such projects are no longer sufficient. Instead, radically different methods are needed. They demand multidisciplinary project teams to adopt entirely new ways of thinking, acting and interacting. At this conference, people will experience what it means to apply this new approach in practice. New avenues towards the development of sustainable water infrastructure will be explored.

Key enablers to make this happen will be discussed, including the issues of:

  • stakeholder engagement;
  • valuation of ecosystem benefits;
  • adaptive management of dredging projects;
  • beneficial use of dredged materials.


The conference will be of particular relevance for people involved in delivering dredging projects with longevity which also maximise the benefits to society, nature and economy. This will be an event for planners, designers, decision makers, regulators, contractors, project owners and environmental advocates who need to keep up-to-date.


The speakers are industry experts, scientists, practitioners and project owners with backgrounds in engineering and environmental sciences. There will be many opportunities for participants to engage with each other during the programme, enhancing knowledge exchange and transfer.


For people with an Open Registration Ticket, the special registration fee is 125 EUR. This includes attendance to the conference programme, access to the networking area and all coffee breaks, lunch and closing drinks.


Registration is closed.

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