The new IADC-CEDA Facts Sheet about Environmental Monitoring is now available in the IADC Knowledge Centre. It describes the methods used to alert dredging contractors to environmental impacts so they can be addressed quickly.

Dredging activities will always create some change in the existing environment. Awareness of these changes, of their impacts on the coastal defences, natural habitats and water quality are essential to ensuring that the improvements made by the dredging activities do not have unintended negative consequences.This Facts About: Environmental Monitoring answers essential questions such as:

  • What is Environmental Monitoring?
  • Why is Environmental Monitoring necessary?
  • When to monitor during a dredging project?
  • How to design Environmental Monitoring?
  • What are the commonly monitored parameters and associated equipment?
  • What is future of Environmental Monitoring?


In the IADC Knowledge Centre, you will find a wealth of information on various dredging related topics in 32 Facts About that can be freely downloaded and shared.


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