18 October 2022 − The 2021 edition of Dredging in Figures, an annual review of the global open dredging market by the International Association of Dredging Companies (IADC) is now available.

The review serves as a resource to individuals and organisations interested in the financial development of the dredging industry.


Publicly available today, the report focuses on the state of the dredging industry in 2021. The latest edition covers the role of the main drivers of the industry as well as the annual turnover of the world’s open markets. According to the latest Dredging in Figures, the turnover of the dredging industry in 2021, excluding closed markets, was estimated at EUR 5.33 billion.


The publication does not report on turnover in closed markets. The open market however contains turnover that is not open to all competitors, the so-called semi-open market. IADC advocates a level playing field in the dredging industry, with all dredging projects providing the same conditions for every bidder. Unfortunately, the turnover in the Middle East shows a slow but steady increase of turnover not open to all competitors.


Produced and released by IADC, the report Dredging in Figures aims to provide insight into the dredging industry’s contribution to the global economy as well as key sectors. Key to charting the dredging industry’s progress, these drivers are: world trade, demographics and urban development, coastal protection, energy, and tourism.


The report Dredging in Figures 2021 was officially published on 18 October 2022 by the International Association of Dredging Companies.


Download and Read: Dredging in Figures 2021