IADC’s statement on COVID-19 outbreak. Update 24 April - Events June postponed.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, IADC has been following the Dutch Government’s advisory measures with regard to limiting the spread of the virus. With the extensive measures announced on 23 March by the Dutch Government, IADC has enacted these measures. 

Employees work from home
As a result of the measures implemented by the Dutch Government, all of IADC’s employees are now working from home. These measures will remain in effect until at least June 1st.

Seminars, courses and other events
Following the announcements made by the Dutch Government, all events are prohibited until 1 June. IADC had plan to host two events planned in June in The Netherlands. Both of these events are postponed. Our events schedule for this year is now as follows:

  1. The Seminar on Dredging and Reclamation, initially planned for 8-12 June, will be moved to 7-11 September.
  2. The Seminar on Dredging and Reclamation organised for 5 - 9 October in Singapore is not affected.
  3. The Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure Course  in The Hague, initially planned for 23-24 June, will be moved to 1 -2 December.

IADC is keeping a close eye on the situation and official changes will always be announced on our website.

In these challenging times, IADC will do its utmost best to support its members however possible. If you have any questions, concerns or remarks, the IADC’s staff is willing to help. You can reach us via info@iadc-dredging.com.

For now, take care of yourself and each other!

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