4 November 2019 – The International Association of Dredging Companies officially released its Annual Report 2018.

Prepared on behalf of the Board, the report gives an overview of IADC’s state of affairs and diverse activities which were engaged by the association throughout the year. Key projects as well as events undertaken or completed by IADC in 2018 are presented.


One of the major highlights from the year was the launch of the IADC-CEDA guidebook Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure in November 2018 at a 2-day conference in Amsterdam. The book gives state-of-the-art guidance on how to design, implement and manage a water infrastructure project with a dredging component to project owners. Regulators, consultants, designers and contractors.

We also connect employees of our member companies with each other at the Young Management Programme in Singapore and a Network Event for Young Employees in Hilvarenbeek, The Netherlands. At the Networking Event, over 60 young professionals from around the world came together, to discuss innovation and other developments in the dredging industry while becoming acquainted with IADC and its activities.

The IADC Safety Award 2018 winner was Van Oord’s Debris Removal Platform. Van Oord changed the existing technique of manually removing debris to an automated system, reducing the risk of personal injury. During operation of the Debris Removal Platform, a bulldozer blade runs over rails with bogies (chassis carrying wheelsets) on either side of the platform. The rails are cmbined with a steel frame that keeps the KLP® working deck in place. On behalf of Van Oord, Coen van den Berg accepted the Safety Award 2018

The Young Author Award 2018 was given to Mr François De Keuleneer (Environment Engineer at DEME) at 34th PIANC World Congress in Panama for the co-authoring and presentation of the Enhancing Workability by Operational Wave Modelling”. The paper introduced WoTo, an innovative workability tool to objectify the decision-making process regarding working in harsh weather conditions, especially in regions around the world with problematic wave climates. Each award winner was recognised with a respective article in Terra et Aqua.


All year, the association propelled its portfolio of projects toward completion. Some of these projects were set for launch in 2018 or beyond. The Knowledge Centre – a tool for IADC’s website to optimise the presentation of its extensive, informative content – has been further developed. We continued to promoted the dredging industry at various conferences worldwide. Also IADC representatives continued to cooperate with other organisations like WODA, CEDA, EuDA, IHE, PIANC & IAPH.


Read the Annual Report 2018:

Download: Annual Report 2018


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