Models and Modelling for Dredging

The Fact Sheet "Models and Modelling for Dredging" describes the modelling process, the different types of modelling and the effects of modelling.


The general focus of the book Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure is on stimulating and realising sustainability in the development of water infrastructure. This fact sheet fits in well as modelling is a key part of achieving these goals.


The role of modelling, what it can do, what it cannot and what it needs to be used successfully is often poorly understood and this in turn can lead to poorer design and environmental outcomes. This Fact Sheet: ‘Models and Modelling for Dredging’ answers essential questions such as:

  • What is Modelling?;
  • What are different types of modelling?;
  • What is necessary to undertake modelling?;
  • What is ecological modelling?;
  • When should modelling be undertaken?;
  • What data is needed to undertake modelling?; and
  • How to communicate modelling outputs.