Dredging for Sustainable Deltas

“Facts About Dredging for Sustainable Deltas” describes the importance of deltas as population hubs for trade and their added vulnerability as sea levels rise.

Deltas are defined as land forms shaped through deposition of sediment carried by a river as the flow enters slower-moving or standing water. When sediment platforms create an impediment for the water fl ow, the river at some point splits into different channels. The area where sediment transported by the river branches has been or is deposited, is called the delta.

“Facts About Dredging for Sustainable Deltas” answers essential questions such as:

  • Are all Deltas the same?
  • Why are Deltas important to us?
  • How vulnerable are Deltas?
  • Why are Deltas vulnerable?
  • How are Deltas threatened?
  • How can Deltas be protected?
  • What is being done to protect Deltas?
  • What else can be done to mitigate the impacts of Climate Change on Deltas?
  • Roadmap towards sustainable Deltas?
  • How can dredging help in ensuring sustainable Deltas