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IADC Young Author Award

IADC Young Author Award


This year’s IADC Young Author Award more than fulfilled its goal to recognise young people working in the fields of dredging and maritime research. At the 33rd PIANC World Congress held in San Francisco, California, June 1-5, 2014, the International Association of Dredging Companies bestowed its award on the paper, “Reducing Shoaling in the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway and Erosion of Barrier Islands along West Galveston Bay”. It was given to Coraggio Maglio as the presenter. The honour was shared by his team of co-authors – Kimberly Townsend, Rob Thomas, Derek Thornton, Jantzen Miller, Tricia Campbell, Lihwa Lin, Sheridan Willey, and Eric Wood – most of whom are also young professionals and all of whom are members of the US Army Corps of Engineers.

The new Terra et Aqua (with extra interactive content) is available

The new Terra et Aqua (with extra interactive content) is available


Articles in this Terra et Aqua:

Monitoring programme for Maasvlakte 2, part iv – archaeological and palaeontolological finds

“Engineering with nature” promotes triple-win outcomes

Manifa oil field: large scale experiences with breakwaters – an innovative approach

Cost Standards Indexation 2014 available + errata

Cost Standards Indexation 2014 available + errata


The Annual indexation (2014) is available. Click here to download.

Readers are advised that the calculations on pages 59 to 61 are incorrect. Click here to read more.

A guide to cost standards for dredging equipment 2009 offers a standard method to establish the capital and related costs of various types of dredging plant and equipment commonly in use.

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