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Jan De Nul NV

Jan De Nul NV

Jan De Nul Group
People and global expertise. These are the corner stones of Jan De Nul Group’s phenomenal success. Thanks to its skilled employees and the world’s most modern fleet, Jan De Nul Group is a leading expert in
dredging and marine construction activities, as well as in specialized
services for the offshore industry of oil, gas and renewable energy.
The combination with its civil engineering and environmental activities renders the Group complete.
Our professional and innovative solutions are trusted across the
industry. Whether it concerns the construction of the new locks in the
Panama Canal or a new port complex in Western Australia, together with our customers, we build for further social and economic development, being mindful of the environment.




Press Releases

Important concession for Jan De Nul in Bangladesh

Jan De Nul successfully completes first major umbilical installation project

Jan De Nul cleans up polluted beaches along the coast in southern France

Jan De Nul protects the beaches of Benin

Jan De Nul signs 25 year concession agreement to dredge Guayaquil Port Access Channel

Jan De Nul wins DPC Award in Amsterdam

Jan De Nul will dredge Access Channel to Guayaquil Port

Jan De Nul kicks off Changhua OWF project

Jan De Nul wins Silver Dolphin in Cannes

Jan De Nul successfully completes first job with its most recent acquisition Taillevent

Jan De Nul launches Ultra-Low Emission Vessel Diogo Cão in China

Jan De Nul Group acquires part of MPI’s offshore business unit

Parkwind and Jan De Nul build the world's largest wind turbines off the Belgian coast

Successful installation of three HVAC export cables in German waters

Two major Argentinean contracts for Jan De Nul Group

Jan De Nul gets recognition for sustainable entrepreneurship

Jan De Nul Group 2017: forward with great confidence

Another big achievement for Jan De Nul in Asia

Jan De Nul and Hitachi Win a Contract for 21 5.2MW Wind Turbines for Taiwan Power’s Changhua Offshore Wind Farm Project

Second and largest foundation for Kriegers Flak OWF installed

First foundation for the offshore wind farm Kriegers Flak installed in Denmark

Jan De Nul Group has entered in a Joint Venture Company agreement with the Payra Port Authority to proceed with EUR 550 million port dredging contract

Construction of Amador Cruise Port takes off

Jan De Nul Group completes Race Bank export installation

Old Doha Port Redevelopment project in Qatar awarded to the joint venture DEME - Jan De Nul Group

Finishing off Tahkoluoto Turbine Installation

Jan De Nul Groups Isaac Newton contracted for urgent cable repair in Iceland

Foundations finished at Tahkoluoto

Jan De Nul Group 2016: Steady performance in a highly volatile market

Jan De Nul Group orders another Hopper Dredger

Mergers at Jan De Nul Group

Jan De Nul Group acquires EUR 60 million port dredging contract in Mexico

Installation of 50 wind turbines for Bligh Bank II completed

Jan De Nul Group acquires eur 250 million port dredging contract in joint

Jan De Nul group orders new vessels with exhaust gas treatment systems

Multipurpose vessel Adhémar de Saint-Venant launched

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