Quality Standards

International Association of Dredging Companies
Standards of Professional Conduct

The members of the International Association of Dredging Companies have achieved a position of confidence and respect throughout the World by their standing and reputation.

In order to secure and enhance their honour and dignity, the members herewith endorse their Standards of Professional Conduct outlining the minimum requirements for quality, fair trade and honourable dealing. It is the intent and the courage to abide by self-imposed restraints and principles which is clearly understood by the intelligent, fair-minded majority of this or any other industry.





  1. Each member shall aim at the promotion of the prestige and the standing of the dredging profession and thus abstain from any activity which can be considered as prejudicial to such standing and prestige.
  2. The members shall comply with applicable environmental regulations and, where possible, go further than required. Each member will translate its policies into transparent guidelines and ensures that these are implemented in practices.
  3. The members shall adhere to applicable national and international employment standards, preventing undesirable conduct such as discrimination, creating a working climate that supports these Standards of Professional Conduct.
  4. The members will comply with the International Safety Management Code for sea going vessels and will ensure implementation and compliance with other safety rules and codes, e.g. by maintaining a quality assurance programme according to the ISO 9001:2000 standard or comparable measures.
  5. The members shall abstain, without any reservation, from activities which can be considered in contravention to fair market behaviour.
  6. In the technical and engineering field, the members shall always aim at being both realistic and honest and be always guided by their unique standard of craftsmanship.
  7. The members shall accept, without any reservation, the principle recognized by all intelligent and fair-minded people that contracts and agreements whether written or verbal should be faithfully carried out in the spirit of their true intent.

(Paris 1965, Venice 2005)