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5 Sep 2013

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Why is Seabed Intervention necessary?

To place a structure on the seabed securely, the seabed should be as flat and regular as possible. If the seabed is irregular or
undulating, the structure, for instance, a pipeline or cable or offshore platform, will suffer the risk of spanning and
overstressing. To avoid these and other risks, dredging contractors are asked to intervene to make the seabed flatter
or to cover the structure that is being placed to protect it.
Offshore infrastructure installations are often exposed to high external pressures and cold temperatures. They are subject to
tidal movements, currents and scour unless buried or trenched in the seabed.

About Facts About

Facts About is a series of concise, easy-to-read leaflets which give an effective overview of essential facts about specific dredging and maritime construction subjects. Each leaflet provides a kind of 'management summary' for stakeholders who need a quick understanding of a particular issue. These leaflets are part of IADC's on-going effort to support clients, consultants and others in understanding the fundamental principles of dredging and maritime construction because providing effective information to all involved parties is an essential element in achieving a successful dredging project.