Out Now: Terra et Aqua #151

Out Now: Terra et Aqua #151

31 Aug 2018

Delve into this issue’s articles about Manoeuvring in Mud, a Status Quo Challenger and Workability Tool.

How navigable are fluid mud layers? Authors and researchers from TU Delft give an overview of the research that has been conducted to get a better understanding of the navigation in ports and waterways with fluid mud layers.

IADC speaks with Tiedo Vellinga – Professor Emeritus of Ports & Waterways at TU Delft – about the much-needed shift in the way of thinking about designing infrastructure.

DEME’s Workability Tool improves a crew’s ability to decide when dredging in exposed waters or harsh conditions is workable. Especially when using stationary equipment, wave conditions – including their height and period – may seriously impact the workability of a dredging project.


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