New Terra et Aqua

New Terra et Aqua

13 Sep 2016

The September 2016 edition of Terra et Aqua has been published. It features three new dredging related articles, books and journal reviews relevant to the industry and a list of upcoming seminars and conferences.


The first article, “Building with Nature: Sustainable protection of mangrove coasts” delves into the philosophy behind Building with Nature (BwN) and how this approach combines natural processes with innovative engineering methods for sustainable projects. The feature also highlights a case study: a current BwN project in the Demak district in central Java, Indonesia, where permeable dams are being built. It is a relatively low-tech and low-cost approach to help restore eroding mangrove-mud coasts that will ultimately improve the central coastline of Java.

The second article, “LuXeal – The easy to handle watertight mixture” discusses a new and innovative watertight bentonite mixture, LuXeal, and the use of it as a watertight layer in dredging works in Juliana Canal in the Netherlands. The lead author for the article, Francois De Keuleneer, won the IADC Young Author Award at the WODCON XXI in Miami, Florida in June this year.

The final article, “Dredging sound levels, numerical modelling and EIA” gives an overview of known sound source levels for various dredging equipment and activities and describes a method used to extrapolate source levels based on the pump power when a source level has not been directly measured.


Book reviews

Also, learn more about the uses of inland waterways and their benefits in PIANC’s latest journal. Read the books: Durability of Geosynthetics (Revised Edition), De Schelde: Van bron tot monding (The River Schelde: From Source to Estuary) and Slurry Transport: Fundamentals, a Historical Overview and the Delft Head Loss & Limit Deposit Velocity Framework.

The new digital Terra et Aqua September 2016 edition is available for download via this link.

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