New Terra et Aqua (March 2017 issue)

New Terra et Aqua (March 2017 issue)

1 Mar 2017

The March 2017 edition of Terra et Aqua has been published with three new dredging-related articles, book and journal reviews relevant to the industry and a list of upcoming seminars and conferences.


Integrated Method for Optimal Channel Dredging Design

Integrated method for optimal channel dredging design” is an adapted version of the paper published at the PIANC-COPEDEC IX conference in October 2016. The main author, Lucas Silveira won the IADC Young Author 2016 Award for it. The paper discusses an analytical method that was developed (by CB&I) and applied to identify the optimal channel layout and dredging depth for safe navigation in the Mearim Port concept in Brazil.

Environmental Dredging of a Chromium Contaminated Fjord

Environmental dredging is an essential topic in dredging. This March issue highlights a sediment remediation project in Sweden. The sediments in Valdemarsviken fjord in Sweden were contaminated with chromium from the discharge of untreated wastewater from tannery operations decades ago. The article, “Environmental dredging of a chromium contaminated fjord” gives a detailed look into the efforts made to complete this project. The article was written by authors from DEME.

Valuing Variations In Dredging Contracts

The last article by David Kinlan, “Valuing variations in dredging contracts” explains how variations are essential in dredging contracts and that they have the potential to generate extra costs and pose significant delay to projects. The author discusses the best ways for an engineer to go about reaching a fair valuation in variations in dredging contracts.



"Recommendations for Increased Durability and Service Life of New Marine Concrete Infrastructure" provides additional recommendations and guidelines for existing concrete standards on durability and service life. The book, Design Guideline Basal Reinforced Piled Embankments covers various parts of the subject including finite element calculations and construction details, management and maintenance of piled embankments.

The new digital Terra et Aqua March 2017 edition is available for download via this link

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