New Terra et Aqua issue: December 2016

New Terra et Aqua issue: December 2016

5 Dec 2016

The December 2016 edition of Terra et Aqua has been published. It features four new dredging-related articles, book and journal reviews relevant to the industry and a list of upcoming seminars and conferences.


Maintenance dredging is required in many estuaries worldwide to provide access to ports and inland waterways. The first article, “Long-term effects of maintenance dredging on turbidity” discusses a newly developed dredging module that is able to capture the two fundamental processes necessary to model the long-term impacts of dredging on turbidity. The article also analyses three case studies the model was applied to – the Ems estuary, the Scheldt estuary and the Port of Rotterdam. 

In 2006, FIDIC published a specialised contract for dredging and reclamation activities - the FIDIC Form of Contract for Dredging and Reclamation Works. Ten years later, the second edition of this book has been released with updates to better reflect actual practice and to increase usage of the book. The second article, “A review of the FIDIC Blue Book (Second Edition)” analyses these updates.

The third and fourth articles focus on safety within the dredging industry. This year, IADC established the IADC Safety Award to encourage the development of safety skills on the job and to reward people and companies showcasing diligence in safety. The third feature “IADC Safety Award 2016” showcases all eight nominations of the award while the final article, “Improving Safety” highlights the winning nomination by the DEME Group, “ Enhanced muster station” for the Safety Award as well as discusses the safety culture within the company.



The ecosystem services (ES) concept can help enable the design of more sustainable dredging and marine infrastructure works and their efficient implementation and realisation in environmentally sensitive areas. Read more about this concept from the report “Ecosystem services: Towards integrated marine infrastructure project optimisation”. Also, learn about the adaptive management framework and its benefits for dredging in the latest Facts About.

The new digital Terra et Aqua December 2016 edition is available for download via this link.

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