New article: Innovative Modelling: A Tool for Coastal Developments

New article: Innovative Modelling: A Tool for Coastal Developments

19 Jul 2017

The Port-La Nouvelle harbour, located in an inlet between Bages-Sigean lagoon and the Mediterranean coast is home to complex hydrodynamics. An innovative package of five interacting hydro-sedimentary numerical models was developed to assess a port expansion project in the area.



Aurélie Le Dissez is specialised in complex marine and river modelling, with a PhD in numerical coastal hydrodynamics. Aurélie has developed experience and knowledge at theoretical, numerical and field levels. She has worked on a diverse range of industrial and research projects. Notably, she has experience in in modelling hydrodynamics in shallow bays, sedimentology and modelling of dredging plume dispersion. She contributed to the TELEMACMASCARET module development.

Régis Walther is specialised in the fields of hydraulics and complex modelling. He works on hydraulic, water quality and sedimentological studies in maritime, estuarine and fluvial environments. He has expertise in national and internationally renowned hydro-sedimentological processes, most notably in an estuarine context. He brings his considerable experience to bear on the implementation and monitoring of measurement campaigns and complex modelling studies. He also acts as an advisor to project managers and owners, and oversees associated research and development projects.

Eric Lagroy De Croutte is specialised in harbour development and coastal protection schemes. Eric has a high-level of expertise in studies of longshore drift, erosion phenomena and sedimentation. He has carried out in-situ assignments, collection and analysis of natural data; coastal ecosystem rehabilitation; coastal expert appraisals (harbours and beaches); impact assessments; and hydro-sedimentary studies of estuaries, lagoons and bays and studies using physical scale and numerical models.



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Innovative Modelling: A Tool for Coastal Developments