Interview: TU Delft’s Professor Emeritus of Ports & Waterways: Tiedo Vellinga

27 Sep 2018

A newly appointed Professor Emeritus at TU Delft and former project manager at the Port of Rotterdam Authority, Tiedo Vellinga discusses his role as a bridge between academia and practice and its impact on the direction of port development.

After seven years serving as a professor at Delft University of Technology, Tiedo Vellinga recently assumed the new title of Professor Emeritus of Ports and Waterways. During his concurrent career at the Port of Rotterdam Authority, he practiced what he preached, constantly challenging the status quo in port development. The result was an innovative and sustainable approach which expanded the port as well as delivered clear-cut benefits to People, Planet, and Profit.

Read the interview with Tiedo Vellinga in the digital version of Terra et Aqua #151 via this link.