IADC wishes you a Happy New Year

IADC wishes you a Happy New Year

2 Jan 2018

On the heels of its first Networking Event and in between preparations for its new publication about sustainable dredging, IADC is wrapping up 2017 and looking forward to its activities planned for the new year.


This year kicked off with Frank Verhoeven beginning his first year as the President of IADC in January. In November, Frank had the opportunity to give the keynote talk at CEDA Dredging Days in Rotterdam. Entitled ‘Dredging the Industry’s Mindset’, the IADC President’s speech conveyed the importance of the past and ongoing changes improving the industry. Technological and organisational advances are propelled in large part by the dredging industry’s drivers. Changes regarding Design and Construct contracts, SHE-Q and the environment resulted in much larger and complex organisations.


During the Annual General Meeting in Marseille, the IADC Safety Award was given to the creator of a solution which eliminates risk to both workers and the general public by optimising a fundamental activity of dredging projects: the transportation of pipelines. The solution by Jan De Nul Group was commemorated at the award ceremony of the DPC Innovation Awards in London.


In mid-November, the IADC held its first Networking Event at Hilvaria Studio’s in Hilvarenbeek, bringing together nearly 70 professionals from all around the world. The event emphasises the importance of connecting the industry's expert workforce – especially the emerging employees of dredging companies. If you did not attend this year’s event, stay tuned because another is being planned for 2018.



The dredging industry aspires to realise projects which fulfil their primary functional requirement while adding value to natural and socio-economic systems. This can only be accomplished once a thorough understanding of these complexities – in combination with the proactive engagement of stakeholders – is acquired. First addressed in the 2008 publication Environmental Aspects of Dredging, these principles – often referred to as ecosystem services (ES) – when applied to the dredging industry were assessed in five case studies by researchers from University of Antwerp in Ecosystem services: towards integrated marine infrastructure project assessment, a report released in 2016 and made in collaboration with IADC. Nearly a decade after the publication of the Environmental Aspects of Dredging, IADC and CEDA recognised for a need for an updated guide for project stakeholders. Available in May 2018, the guidebook Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure is written by a team of top industry experts and will be the subject of an international conference this upcoming November.


IADC’s undertakings are part of its mission to propel the dredging industry to the next level into the future. Stay tuned to stay in the know about activities being planned for 2018. Until then, IADC wishes you a Happy New Year.