IADC reveals the seventh nomination in the running for the IADC Safety Award 2019

IADC reveals the seventh nomination in the running for the IADC Safety Award 2019

11 Sep 2019

In the coming weeks, IADC will publish fourteen nominations in the running to receive the Safety Award 2019 on its website and social media. The winner will be announced on 17 October 2019.

IADC is proud to announce that the seventh nomination is:

At DEME every day rain or shine begins with a Safety Moment

The search for ways to improve a safety culture is continuous. DEME’s management team came up with a direct, simple proposal to make sure everyone is always aware of safety. The idea is to start every meeting with a “safety moment” in which in the first few minutes of every meeting, a safety topic of choice will be discussed with all participants. To facilitate this idea, the QHSE-S department developed a straightforward tool to guide colleagues reminding them of safety when they enter the meeting room.  The instrument is simple: In the meeting room, a board with instructions, together with a branded cotton bag is placed on the wall. When participants enter the room they see the bag immediately. As this sight is not traditional, it immediately stands out, sparking conversation and interest. Next an individual takes the bag and passes it around the room for every employee to deposit his/her ID badge in the bag. An innocent hand then draws the lucky one who gets to present his/her prepared safety moment.

Like a pop quiz at school, you must be prepared in advance. Since the presenter is drawn randomly, all employees should have a safety moment of their choice ready at all times, so they can present it when chosen. While safety moments are by no means new in the dredging industry, DEME’s approach adds an element of surprise. It forces all employees to be prepared at all times to hold a safety moment, which means that safety must be on everyone’s mind all the time. By choosing a topic and researching it to give a short presentation, employees become more aware of the risks they face every day at work and the safety measures they should be taking. By sharing safety experiences and knowledge with others, employees start seeing their jobs and those of their colleagues in a different way. DEME’s "Safety Moment" at the start of every meeting is a simple direct way to remind employees about safety and to emphasise the need for leadership, communication collaboration and engagement in staying safe.