IADC reveals the next nomination in the running for the IADC Safety Award 2018: Wireless Broadband Mesh

IADC reveals the next nomination in the running for the IADC Safety Award 2018: Wireless Broadband Mesh

13 Sep 2018

There are eight nominations in the running for the Safety Award 2018! Last and certainly not least, IADC is proud to announce the final nomination is Wireless Broadband Mesh by Jan De Nul Group. The winner will be announced on 15 September 2018.

Wireless Broadband Mesh by Jan De Nul Group

Vessel-to-vessel transfer is the most critical operation for surveyors. When a vessel’s survey computers needed to be updated, surveyors were required to board the vessels at sea, which is a hazardous and time-consuming activity. At Jan De Nul Group, a wireless broadband mesh was implemented on a project to reduce vessel-to-vessel transfers of surveyors.

After implementation on several projects, the system revealed to be more efficient than initially foreseen. Not only had the vessel-to-vessel transfer of surveyors been reduced drastically, the survey updates could also occur faster and without delays, resulting in more operational efficiency. A part of improving efficiency also resulted in reduction of (fuel) cost and eventually lowering the environmental impact. The system is a plug-and-play outdoor Wireless broadband modem that can be easily interfaced with the vessels ICT infrastructure. Once the system is installed on a vessel for survey purposes, it can be used for a multitude of purposes as all other departments can use it for their own needs. ICT can control and update its network infrastructure, important operational information can be exchanged smoother with the vessels and so on.

The ICT department has implemented the system by request of the survey department for its own use. Other departments or operations that see the benefit in this system can study the possibilities and perform trials on the projects where the system is already implemented. By making the system universal, it will facilitate the implementation of project-specific requirements.


The system enables faster communication overall which will lead to more efficient operations, enabling the Project Management Team to get feedback faster.  In addition to interconnecting vessels and being a back-up for communication system failure, the system provides faster survey updates, security updates and software patches on board of vessels with the possibility for remote troubleshooting and problem-solving. So far, the wireless broadband mesh has decreased fuel consumption and transport cost from the transfers, and increased operational time in terms of efficiency and productivity through less survey delays for operations and avoiding operational standby.

Wireless Broadband Mesh has an initial installation cost, and fine-tuning is necessary, but the benefits transcend the initial cost by far. Further experience and development is necessary in order to continue improving the system.