IADC reveals the next nomination in the running for the IADC Safety Award 2018: Mooring ropes handles

IADC reveals the next nomination in the running for the IADC Safety Award 2018: Mooring ropes handles

10 Sep 2018

There are eight nominations in the running for the Safety Award 2018! IADC is proud to announce the next nomination is Mooring ropes handles by DEME Group. The winner will be announced on 15 September 2018.

Mooring ropes handles by DEME

Mooring a ship while alongside a berth or another vessel can be a very hazardous operation. To increase the safety of crew during mooring/unmooring activities, DEME group has implemented mooring rope handles.

Made of 20 centimeters of gardening hose, a handle is attached to the mooring eye with nylon ropes (0.6 mm diameter). Two handles are adequate to lift a rope that may get wet and therefore heavy, while for lighter ropes, one handle is sufficient. The handles keep the hands of the crew member in charge of the (un)mooring activity out of the ‘risk zone’ which is situated inside the mooring eye in between the rope and the bollard.

Inexpensive and easy to apply to existing ropes, the technique increases safety by reducing risks of incidents related to the crushing, twisting, trapping of fingers or hands between the bollard and rope to almost nil. While handling fixed ropes on the quay side, injuries are avoided because the ropes can be quickly and efficiently attached to and/or removed from bollards without risking squeezed fingers and hands during unexpected tension on the mooring ropes caused by wave interruption and vessels movements. Since the initiative was taken, no new incidents involving fingers and hands have occurred during mooring operations with the involved vessels.


An ergonomic aspect results from less stress on the back from pulling as ropes become easier to manipulate leading to less back injuries overall.

The idea could become a new safety standard within the industry as well as a challenge to suppliers of mooring ropes to provide solutions with handles already attached. Mooring handles can also benefit a broad group of stakeholders even beyond the dredging industry, being applied and rolled out on every vessel – and in every company that owns vessels – to significantly reduce the risk to crew during mooring operations.