IADC reveals the next nomination in the running for the IADC Safety Award 2018: DynaCover

IADC reveals the next nomination in the running for the IADC Safety Award 2018: DynaCover

27 Aug 2018

There are eight nominations in the running for the Safety Award 2018! IADC is proud to announce the next nomination is DynaCover by Damen Dredging Equipment. The winner will be announced on 15 September 2018.

DynaCover by Damen Dredging Equipment

Dredge pumps experience extreme forces during operation, requiring a robust piece of equipment to combat them. Failure of this connection can impact a project’s efficiency or in the worst case, crew. The advent of the double-walled pump improved safety and reliability, marking a major step forward compared to the formerly prevalent sheet steel pump casings. The wear-resistant casted pump casing was covered by a sheet metal outer casing which prevented the spilling of mixture while the inner pump house could be used until it disintegrated.

An alternative by Damen Dredging Equipment, the DynaCover, was fabricated and tested at full-scale. Holes were made in the inlet pipe, so when the pump was filled up, water flooded between the inner pump casing and the DynaCover. By doing so, the inner and outer pressure of the pump casing is the same, preventing the inner casing from collapsing. After several attempts and modification, a pressure of 20 bar was reached.


The DynaCover is made from Dyneema, a material used for products such as cut-resistant gloves. With fibers produced from a polyethylene with a very high molecular weight, the material is lightweight, strong, durable and resistant against UV light, oil and sea water. An easily-applied outer cover of Nomex – a flame-resistant material worn by firefighters and racing drivers – protects the DynaCover from welding sparks and dirt.

By weighing approximately 85% less than a steel double-walled pump casing and not requiring additional space, the DynaCover has another benefit: the lightweight and compact solution has a minimal impact on the payload of a Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger.