IADC reveals the fourteenth nomination in the running for the IADC Safety Award 2019

IADC reveals the fourteenth nomination in the running for the IADC Safety Award 2019

7 Oct 2019

In the coming weeks, IADC will publish fourteen nominations in the running to receive the Safety Award 2019 on its website and social media. The winner will be announced on 17 October 2019.

IADC is proud to announce that the fourteenth nomination is:

Boskalis uses simple container twist locks to secure containers saving time, money and risks

When mobilising for (short-term) projects, there are always a few things that cost time, and always recur, and are almost always last minute. One of these things is sea-fastening and securing containers twist locks. Normally a bolt or a piece of solid round welding is used to safeguard a container’s twist lock. This process takes approximately 45 minutes per container. To save time and work more safely during mobilisation, Boskalis has adopted new and simple system for securing container twist locks that requires no welding and no grinding, saves time and can be implemented safely.


A small thin plate of 1.5 or 2mm slides into the dovetail where the twist lock comes on top. As soon as the container is placed on it, you simply bend the lip up, and the container twist lock is sea fastened and secure.
The idea to implement this came after doing several quick mobilisations in recent years. Although all containers were placed on the right spot, they still had to be secured. Realising that this is a recurring task that frequently has to be done at the last minute, Boskalis sought a more efficient method and found the answer by looking at the Logistics industry.

The system can be used on every project where dovetails and twist locks are used and container twist locks need to be sea fastened. It is especially useful on projects where the deck lay-out changes often. By using this simple secure plate, this task can be done more quickly, saving time and money, and the process is safer. Applying it to the dredging industry is straightforward and it is already being used by Boskalis on several projects.