Safety Award

Safety Award

The International Association of Dredging Companies (IADC) is a global umbrella organisation for contractors in the dredging industry. IADC has over 100 main and associated members and encourages its members to establish common standards and a high level of conduct in their worldwide operations.

Dredging operations are risky and the dredging industry pays a lot of attention to safety. It maintains a level of safety that can compete with offshore oil & gas sectors. IADC is committed to promoting safety in the industry and established the Safety Committee that enables sharing of best practices amongst its members. The organisation aims to reduce the number of accidents and incidents in the industry. Thus, IADC and the Safety Committee established the Lost Time Injury (LTI) index in 2009. The index has shown a continuous decline among dredging contractors since it was started and the latest rate can be seen in the “Dredging in Figures 2014” report.


  1. To encourage the development of safety skills on the job and safety awareness.
  2. Possibility to make work safer.
  3. Reward people and companies who make it possible to work safer.
  4. Reward those who demonstrate special diligence in safety awareness in performing their profession.


The IADC Safety Award is intended to encourage the development of safety skills on the job and to reward people and companies demonstrating diligence in safety awareness in the performance of their profession.

The Award will recognise the exceptional safety performance of a particular project, product, ship, team or employees.

The Award is not only open to all IADC members but also to any other companies active in the dredging industry. There is no limitation to the
number of nominations that can be submitted by any one company. This PDF  serves as a template for your nomination submission. Please see below for more information on the registration procedure. A separate registration form must be completed for each nomination.

Nominations must be supported by this document that describes the details of the accomplishments. The identified work should be recognised and supported with evidence by means of safety record(s), objectives reached and other relevant information.


The IADC Board of Directors will present this Award at the IADC Annual General Meeting in September, 2017 in Marseille France.


Please fill out the forms in the PDF.
The registration is divided in four parts:

  1. Registration form;
  2. Description of nomination;
  3. Description of innovation;
  4. Description of potential use.

Save the PDF file and email to


31 May 2017.


Please send us your logos (an eps file is preferable), a short video and three high resolution photos.

Please send the files via to
The images and the short video* will be used on the IADC website and during promotional activities for the IADC Safety Award.

* The video will be uploaded to IADC’s YouTube channel.

Winner 2016

Safety Award winner

DEME picked up the prestigious IADC Safety Award at IADC’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) at Cascais, Portugal. The award is given to honour companies that have shown outstanding achievement in the area of safety. The award was presented by Peter de Ridder, president of IADC to Lieven Durt, director of QHSE-S DEME and Luc Vandenbulcke, managing director of GeoSea.

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