Safety Award


The IADC Safety Award is intended to encourage the development of safety skills on the job and to reward people and companies demonstrating diligence in safety awareness in the performance of their profession. The award is a recognition of the exceptional safety performance demonstrated by a particular project, product, ship, team or employees.


The dredging industry poses many risks for its employees. Dredging activities can be risky operations with hidden dangers lurking amongst heavy machinery. Safety is always a top priority and it is not a one-time effort. Constant vigilance requires innovation.


IADC is committed to promoting safety in the industry. A representative of contractors in the dredging industry, the global organisation encourages its more than 100 main and associated members – as well as non-members – to establish common standards and a high level of conduct in their worldwide operations.

Dredging activities can be risky operations with hidden dangers amongst heavy machinery. In response, the dredging industry proactively maintains a high level of safety standards. The IADC’s members are committed to safeguarding their employees, continuously improving to guarantee a safe and healthy work environment and reducing the number of industry accidents and incidents to zero.

In 2013, IADC established a Safety Committee comprised of QHSE experts from its member companies to encourage the implementation of safety standards as well as enable the sharing of these practices amongst its members. The Safety Committee is committed to reducing the number of accidents and incidents in the industry, and as a result developed a “Charter of Best Practices” and annual Safety Award.


The IADC conceived its IADC Safety Award to encourage the development of safety skills on the job as well as heighten safety awareness and to reward individuals and companies demonstrating special diligence in safety awareness while performing their profession, ultimately making working environments safer.


The IADC’s Safety Committee and Board of Directors will select the winner from the submitted nominations based on the criteria set forth in the guidelines for submission.

Board of Directors

  • Mr Frank Verhoeven / IADC President
  • Mr Akihiko Togo / IADC Vice President / Penta-Ocean Construction Co., LTD.
  • Mrs Els. Verbraecken / IADC Treasurer / DEME NV
  • Mr Theo Baartmans / Royal Boskalis Westminster NV
  • Mr Pierre Catteau / Societá Italiani Dragaggi SpA
  • Mr Neil Haworth / Boskalis International (S) Pte Ltd
  • Mr Paul Verheul / Van Oord
  • Mrs Mieke Fordeyn / Jan De Nul NV



The IADC Safety Award is intended to encourage the development of safety skills on the job and to reward people and companies demonstrating diligence in safety awareness in the performance of their profession.

The Award will recognise the exceptional safety performance of a particular project, product, ship, team or employees.

The Award is not only open to all IADC members but also to any other companies active in the dredging industry. There is no limitation to the number of nominations that can be submitted by any one company.

Safety Committee

  • Mr Karel Huybrechts / DEME
  • Mrs Joke Vavier / Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V.
  • Mr René Kolman / IADC
  • Mr Christophe Leroy / Jan De Nul
  • Mr Ton van de Minkelis / Van Oord


In addition to receiving a bronze statue, the winner then presents its safety innovation in an article in Terra et Aqua.


See the complete list of past winners and nominations of the IADC Safety Award:

Winner IADC Safety Award 2019

During a ceremony at the IADC Annual General Meeting in New Delhi, IADC President Frank Verhoeven announced the Safety Award 2019 winner: Boskalis with its Floating Line Connecting System. From fourteen nominations, the association’s Safety Committee and Board of Directors selected the Boskalis nomination as the winner.

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Winner IADC Safety Award 2018

The winner of the Safety Award 2018 is Van Oord’s Debris Removal Platform. Van Oord changed the existing technique of manually removing debris to an automated system, reducing the risk of personal injury.

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Nominations 2018

Winner IADC Safety Award 2017

Transport of Pipelines Optimisation by Jan De Nul Group is the winner of IADC’s Safety Award 2017. Jan De Nul Group optimised and enhanced the handling and transport of dredge pipes by combining three techniques.

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Nominations 2017

Winner IADC Safety Award 2016

DEME won for its “Enhanced muster station” initiative. The muster station on board of jack-up vessel Neptune, which is deployed by GeoSea, was enhanced by painting numbered circles on deck.

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Nominations 2016


In the coming weeks, IADC will publish fourteen nominations in the running to receive the Safety Award 2019 on its website and social media. The winner will be announced on 17 October 2019. 

1st Nomination

Safer shock-prevention monitoring box from Bender Benelux installed on all Boskalis mobile generators.

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2nd nomination

CSpect’s state-of-the-art drones help Jan De Nul safely inspect inaccessible spaces.

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3rd nomination

No doctor onboard? Van Oord and Boskalis agree: MedAssist gives needed medical support to ships at sea.

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4th nomination

Jan de Nul’s Full Mission Simulator safely prepares crews for risky conditions at sea.

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5th nomination

Boskalis has integrated real-time sonar imaging on diving helmets to increase sight in zero-visibility conditions.

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6th nomination

Van Oord’s “Safety News Alert” is a hard-hitting film and open, honest team discussions.

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7th nomination

At Dredging International every day rain or shine begins with a Safety Moment.

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8th nomination

Falling overboard is always a danger. Jan De Nul’s hopper crew found a solution.

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9th nomination

Manual lifting is a thing of the past with IHC’s hydraulic release shackles

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10th nomination

Safer and flexible, the CSpect mini ROV replaces risky diving teams.

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11th nomination

Boskalis’ remote control Floating Line Connecting System eliminates dangerous manual operations.

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12th nomination

Jan de Nul’s hopper crew designed, built and installed a safety platform to protect their crewmates.

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13th nomination

Van Oord’s pre-assembled onshore “CPS Storage & Handling system” avoids the risks of crane lifting.

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14th nomination

Boskalis uses simple container twist locks to secure containers saving time, money and risks.

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