IADC Committees



Statistics about dredging turnover are difficult to assemble and yet highly in demand. The DiF Committee gathers this information, fact-checks it and then publishes it in an annual report that is available on the IADC website.

  • Mr I. Daemen
  • Mr A. Fokkema
  • Mrs M. Fordeyn
  • Mr A. Willems



The committee gathers data about the plant of all IADC members and supervises its verification. The information is published by Clarksons in its Dredger Register, which is a comprehensive guide to the worldwide dredging fleet.

  • Mr J. Bakker
  • Mr A. Beyst
  • Mr K. Bovijn
  • Mr M. Genetello
  • Mr G. Griep
  • Mr A. Kamsteeg
  • Mr S. Kranendonk



A guide to cost standards for dredging equipment 2009 gives the replacement value ex-works, yard or importer in Europe on 1 January 2009 for several types of dredging equipment. Since there is no specific European index for ship building and/or hull structures available, IADC’s committee assesses the indexation annually. This is then published by CIRIA.

  • Mr E. Van Haaren
  • Mr M. De Boom
  • Mr A. Beyst
  • Mr W. Blomme
  • Mr A. Kamsteeg
  • Mr W. Labrie



Safety has become the number one priority amongst all IADC member companies. To safeguard employees and involved parties, the IADC established a safety committee that enables its members to share best practices amongst its members. Recently the committee has issued a “Charter of Best Practices” and published an article in Terra et Aqua Journal.

  • Mr K Huybrechts
  • Mr T. van de Minkelis
  • Mr C. Leroy
  • Mrs J. Vavier



In 1999, FIDIC published new standard forms of contract but this new work did not meet the specific needs of dredging and reclamation work. The IADC contacted FIDIC about the possibility of a separate FIDIC dredging contract. A Task Group was formed and produced the FIDIC Form of Contract for Dredging and Reclamation Works. Since then, the Legal Committee has periodically helped to update the FIDIC document for dredging.

  • Mr P. van der Linde
  • Mr T. Lenaerts
  • Mr T. Maddock
  • Ms K. Levrau
  • Mr D. Ultee
  • Mr J. Haak



The committee meets four times a year in various venues and members are on-call in between for consultation. They contribute ideas for the IADC to further its PR activities, including providing lecturers for IADC seminars and advising about articles for Terra et Aqua Journal, the Facts About series and other IADC publications.

  • Mr R. de Bruin
  • Mrs V. Cosemans
  • Mrs H. Schellinck
  • Mr A. Schikker