Ecology and Dredging

Ecology and Dredging


This webinar focusses on the need and application of ecological knowledge in dredging projects. About the presenters: Astrid Kramer is an ecologist and works as a project engineer for Boskalis. Heidi van der Meij works as an environmental engineer for Van Oord.


Because dredging projects impact a wide variety of stakeholders, a fundamental knowledge of the interaction of ecology and dredging is to everyone’s benefit.

The word Ecology comes from the Greek words ‘oikos’ and ‘logos’ meaning the study or the laws of the house. It is the scientific study of interactions between organisms and their environment. An environment comprises plants, animals, hydrodynamic processes, chemical characteristics and… dredging contractors.

Dredging contractors act worldwide and therefore interact with almost any type of environment: salt marshes, mangroves, coral reefs, tropical rainforests, the arctic, rivers, the deep sea, shallow seas. As responsible contractors our aim is to minimise the environmental impacts. To do so successfully, a thorough understanding of the complex web of ecosystem relations and our role in it is crucial. Not an easy task or one we dredgers can do completely by ourselves.

During the last two decades dredging contractors have deliberately sought out collaboration with scientists and this has resulted in an increased understanding of dredging-induced impacts and innovative designs to mitigate and compensate these impacts.


For whom

Everyone interested in the intersection of ecology and dredging.


Foreknowledge is not required.


Click here to watch our webcast on Ecology and Dredging (interactive sheets).


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