Terra et Aqua

Guidelines for authors

Terra et Aqua is a quarterly publication of the International Association of Dredging Companies.
Terra et Aqua emphasises “maritime solutions for a changing world”.
It covers the fields of civil, hydraulic and mechanical engineering including the technical, economic and environmental aspects of dredging. Developments in the state of the art of the industry and other topics from the industry with actual news value will be highlighted.

  • As Terra et Aqua is an English language journal, articles must be submitted in English.
  • Contributions will be considered primarily from authors who represent the various disciplines of the dredging industry or professions, which are associated with dredging.
  • Students and young professionals are encouraged to submit articles based on their research.
  • Articles should be approximately 10-12 A4s (4000 to 6000 words). Photographs, graphics and illustrations are encouraged. High quality, original photographs are acceptable. Digital photographs should be of the highest resolution (300 dpi and at least 1 Mb, preferably more).
  • Articles should be original and should not have appeared in other magazines or publications. An exception is made for the proceedings of conferences which have a limited reading public.
  • In the case of articles that have previously appeared in conference proceedings, permission to reprint in Terra et Aqua will be requested.
  • Authors are requested to provide in the "Introduction" an insight into the drivers (the Why) behind the dredging project.
  • By submitting an article authors grant IADC permission to publish said article in both the printed and digital versions of Terra et Aqua without limitations and remunerations.
  • All articles will be reviewed by the Editorial Advisory Committee (EAC). Publication of an article is subject to approval by the EAC and no article will be published without approval of the EAC.

Articles, which are accepted for publication, do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the IADC Board nor that of individual members of the association.