Terra et Aqua

About Terra et Aqua

Launched in 1972 by the International Association of Dredging Companies (IADC), Terra et Aqua is a quarterly publication which aims to disseminate knowledge accrued by global dredging professionals as well as solutions to issues facing the industry. Articles investigate and explain the latest innovations relevant to emerging and established professionals immersed in the dredging industry and its related sectors.

Issues of Terra et Aqua feature articles covering dredging projects as well as the topics of safety, socio-economics, technical innovations and the environment.

Written by experts

Ground-breaking developments within the dredging industry are discussed by professionals, specialists and researchers engaged in the industry’s activities. With expertise from all over the world, authors are encouraged to submit articles for publication in Terra et Aqua.

Resource to the dredging community

Supported by the IADC, Terra et Aqua represents IADC's commitment to the highest standards of professional conduct in the dredging industry.


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