Press Releases

July 2019

IADC welcomes DC Industrial / Group De Cloedt as new member

May 2019

Special 3-day IADC seminar on Dredging and Reclamation comes to Asia!

April 2019

Ms Cao Lei wins the IADC Young Author Award 2019

Nominations open for the annual IADC Safety Award

Registration open for IADC Conference "Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure", 18 October, New Delhi, India

January 2019

IADC Organise International Seminar on Dredging & Reclamation

September 2018

Dredging in Figures 2017
Winner of IADC Safety Award 2018: Debris Removal Platform by Van Oord

August 2018

Register for the CEDA-IADC Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure Conference to experience its interactive programme

July 2018

Update Conference Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure 

May 2018

IADC Young Author Award 2018

April 2018

CEDA-IADC Conference: Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure
The IADC Safety Award 2018 is now accepting nominations

November 2017

Advanced notice: book Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure
Young Author Award presented at CEDA Dredging Days

September 2017

IADC Safety Award winner

July 2017

New editor Terra et Aqua journal

April 2017

Dredging Seminar Delft (NL) in cooperation with the IHE Delft Institute for Water Education, June 2017

March 2017

IADC Safety Award 2017

January 2017

New President of the IADC Board of Directors

December 2016

Dredging in Figures 2015

February 2016

Dredging Seminar Delft (NL) in cooperation with UNESCO-IHE

January 2016

Dredging Seminar for the first time in Panama; in cooperation with OAS-CIP

June 2015

2015 Cost Standards Indexation for Dredging Equipment

January 2015

IADC's 50th anniversary

November 2014

Dredging in Figures 2013

June 2014

Young Author Award presented at 33rd PIANC World Congress

May 2014

2014 Cost Standards Indexation for Dredging Equipment

January 2014

IADC Dredging Seminar in Brisbane, Australia

December 2013

Facts About Ecosystem Services & Dredging

October 2013

Dredging in Figures 2012: Dredging and its Drivers

September 2013

Facts About Seabed Intervention
New edition of Terra et Aqua #132

August 2013

Dredging Seminar in Singapore, 21-25 October 2013

July 2013

A guide to cost standards for dredging equipment 2009: Indexation 2013
Indexation: download

IADC Young Author Award 2013
Picture: download
Caption for photo: Mr Max Radermacher receives the Award from IADC’s Secretary General, Mr René Kolman.

June 2013

Facts About Early Contractor Involvement Revisited
New edition of Terra et Aqua #131

March 2013

Next IADC Dredging Seminar in Delft, June 2013
Facts About Water Injection Dredging
New edition of Terra et Aqua #130

January 2013

2nd Dredging Seminar in Brazil, 15 - 19 April 2013

December 2012

IADC Young Author Award
Dredging in Figures 2011
New edition of Terra et Aqua #129
Facts About Initiating Hydraulic Fill Projects

October 2012

New logo, new house style and new website
IADC 2012 Annual Safety Award: “CHILD” – A Plan for Increased Personal Awareness
Mr. Peter de Ridder appointed as the new President of IADC

September 2012

IADC publishes Facts About: Subsea Rock Installation
New edition of Terra et Aqua #128


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