Thomas Benson

Thomas has 18 years of experience specialising in 3D numerical modelling of hydrodynamic, cohesive sediment transport and noise disturbance in marine environments. He has played a key role in the successful outcome of numerous commercial and research projects in the areas of dredge dispersal, energy (including gas, tidal and wind farm energy), land reclamation, channel infill and pollutant dispersion. Thomas is also a key sediment transport expert and coder within the TELEMAC modelling consortium.

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Articles By Thomas Benson

Evaluation of a nature-based agitation dredging solution

The challenge of maintaining harbours and ports while conserving and sustaining coastal habitats, with all the rich resources they provide, requires that port and harbours do more to develop approaches to maintenance dredging that provide benefit to these neighbouring habitats. In this article, we describe an example from Harwich Harbour in the UK where Harwich Haven Authority (the Conservancy Authority) is looking to move to a more nature-based maintenance dredging methodology, using agitation dredging. Using the results of monitoring and sophisticated numerical modelling, we evaluate the likely benefit to the Stour/Orwell intertidal areas arising from the use of the agitation dredging.

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