Theo N. Olsthoorn

Theo Olsthoorn is emeritus professor Geohydrology of Delft University of Technology. Professor Olsthoorn is a former MSc and PhD graduate of Delft University of Technology and has working experience in a number of renowned Dutch hydrological institutes, among others as senior researcher hydrology for Waternet (Amsterdam Water Supply).

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Articles By Theo N. Olsthoorn

Land reclamation: The potential for subsurface freshwater storage

At present too little use is made of the opportunities that the design and construction of land reclamation offer for the underground storage and recovery of fresh water. The managed aquifer recharge systems in the coastal dunes of the Netherlands are a good example of successful subsurface water storage. And it is to be expected that the sandy deposits of land reclamations could serve a similar purpose. This in turn will contribute to a sustainable development of land reclamations.

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