Sjoerd Warringa

Sjoerd obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2014. As a next step, he pursued an MSc in Offshore and Dredging Engineering at the Delft University of Technology, developing a particular interest in fluid mechanics and dredging processes specifically. During his graduation thesis, published at the WODCON XXII in Shanghai, he focused on numerical modelling of water-sediment flow in order to enhance cable burial processes. Currently, he is working as Research and Development Engineer on cable installation and burial activities for DEME Offshore.

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Articles By Sjoerd Warringa

Modelling the waterjet cable trenching process on sand dunes

Cables for offshore wind farms in the North Sea are buried for protection. A highly variable seabed topography influences the trenching process in sandy soils. A model has been developed to estimate the influence of sand dunes on the trenching process.

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