Sabine E. Apitz

Sabine E. Apitz

Sabine specialises in developing various conceptual tools, including ecosystem services, sustainability and other ecosystemsbased framings, to link what we can measure as scientists to what we want to achieve in society, to support environmental management, policy and decision-making. With a BSc in chemistry (CSUF, 1983) and a PhD in Oceanography/Marine Geochemistry (UCSD/ SIO, 1991), she worked for 10 years as a senior marine environmental scientist for the US Navy. For the last 20 years, she has been the Director of SEA Environmental Decisions, an independent consultancy.

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Articles By Sabine E. Apitz

Applying the ecosystem services concept in marine projects

A full consideration of ecosystem services (ES) impacts, interactions and improvements can result in more sustainable and adaptive solutions for dredging and marine construction projects. Furthermore, the benefits can be translated in monetary terms, providing returns on investment and highlighting the links between ecology and economy. For some however, the ES concept is too theoretical. This article seeks to show how the ES concept can actively be applied at any point during a project and the benefits of doing so. Its purpose is to provide a framework for integrated and interdisciplinary thinking throughout the different steps of the project cycle.

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