Pier Vellinga

Pier Vellinga is presently Dean of the Faculty Earth and Life Sciences, Vice Rector Vrije Universiteit and Professor in Environmental Sciences and Global Change. He studied coastal dynamics and has practical experience in the USA/Africa as a researcher, international consultant, and was deputy division director at Delft Hydraulics until 1988. Thereafter he was an Advisor to the Minister at the Netherlands’ Ministry of Housing, Planning and the Environment, helping to shape (inter)national policies in the field of air pollution and climate change. He is a Bureau Member IPCC, Chairman STAP/GEF of the World Bank, UNDP and UNEP, Chairman EFIEA, initiator/first chairman Scientific Steering Committee IHDP-IT and a member of various (inter)national advisory councils.

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Articles By Pier Vellinga

Dredging in a Changing Environment
Dredging in a Changing Environment
Authors: Pier Vellinga

"Coevolution" and the "Triple P Performance" principle are applied as guidelines for modern companies - including the dredging industry - to create legitimacy for growth.

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