Massimo Ponti

Massimo is a marine ecologist and associate professor at the Department of Biological, Geological and Environmental Sciences (BiGeA) of the University of Bologna. He is president of the Italian Association of Scientific Divers, a dive master instructor and vice president of Reef Check Italy, a non-profit association. His research ranges from temperate to tropical benthic ecology, mainly focusing on species diversity, habitat-species interactions, effects of human disturbances and climate change at community and population levels, and biodiversity conservation.

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Articles By Massimo Ponti

LIFE MARINAPLAN PLUS Project: Sustainable marine and coastal seabed management

In June 2019, the research team of the LIFE MARINAPLAN PLUS project began operating the first-of-a-kind demonstration plant installation at the harbour entrance of Marina di Cervia (Italy). Fulfilling the project’s objective to apply at industrial scale a reliable technology for the sustainable management of sediment in marine infrastructures, this technology prevents harbour silting through the use of submerged devices called ‘ejectors’ installed on the seabed.

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