Joris de Vroom

After graduating with an MSc in Physics from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Joris joined the Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute and worked in the field of climate and weather research. He joined BMT Argoss in 2010 and worked as an operational forecaster at the BMTA’s weather desk. In 2015, he switched to his current role as metocean consultant and modeller at BMTA. He designs wave model grids for projects and operational use, and carries out consultancy projects for customers in the offshore industry.

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Articles By Joris de Vroom

Can Workability be Enhanced by Operational Wave Modelling?

IADC’s Young Author Award winner François De Keuleneer and co-authors Joris de Vroom and Arjan Mol discuss the Workability Tool which ensures captains of specialised vessels can make informed decisions to dredge during favourable wave conditions.

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